significant historical importance
Rich with History

Both The Lafayette and the city of Marietta are of significant historical importance. During 1788, pioneers to the Ohio Country established Marietta as the first permanent settlement of the new United States in the territory Northwest of the Ohio River.

The Lafayette Hotel in Marietta, Ohio, derives its name from the renowned Marquis de Lafayette, a French hero of the American Revolution who made a visit to the city in 1825. A plaque adjacent to the hotel marks the precise spot along the Ohio River banks where Lafayette first arrived, and our local community takes pride in the fact that he was Marietta's first-ever tourist.

The Lafayette Hotel, which is the oldest hotel in Marietta, was initially known as The Bellevue Hotel when it was constructed in 1892. The original hotel was considered a luxury hotel that stood at four stories high and had 55 rooms that were heated by steam. It featured a bar, a call bell system in every room, and advertised the availability of hot and cold baths. Visitors could stay for $2-$3 per night during that time!

Unfortunately, the Bellevue Hotel was destroyed by fire on April 26, 1916 (pictures of the fire are still on display by the Gunroom Restaurant). The Lafayette Hotel was built on the same location and opened its doors to the public in 1918. In 1936, the Hoag addition was constructed. The Hoag family owned the hotel until 1973, during which time it underwent various changes and updates to become more modern.

The Lin family from Columbus, Ohio purchased the hotel in 1991 and has taken significant steps to conserve, renovate, and revive the hotel's heritage and authenticity. While The Lafayette Hotel has undergone numerous renovations to keep up with the times, they have also maintained intriguing artifacts and artwork in each room and the public areas, which tell an engaging and charming historical tale.